Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Little ears!

A guy who works away from home most of the week would drive his daughter to the seaside every Sunday morning to spend some "bonding" time with her.

One Sunday he was too ill to take her and so as not to disappoint her Mum volunteered to take her.

When they returned the Dad asked how she'd enjoyed her trip and she said "It was great and, do you know what, we did not see any wankers, blind bastards, dick-heads or tossers all day"!


  1. It doesn't surprise me. Women tend not to see anything at all when they are driving, don't you think?

  2. My grandson number two, three years old. We are on a bus, me holding him while he stands on my lap, looking out the window. The bus moves from bright sunshine through a heavy shower. Oh look it's raining says I.
    "Aye, it's pishing doon Grandad"
    Quoth he, gravely.


  3. tris,

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I'm just about to tell her and then you'll have no chance of a lift in Sophia's sedan-chair to Barefit Park! Still, she's got a sub lined up!

  4. ~Conan,

    Lovely wee story! From his grasp of the English language I take it he's responsible for the really good parts of the Hootsmon?

  5. An Aberdonian wifie on a bus was being eye balled malevolently by a bonnie wee lassie with blue eyes and curly blonde hair. So she said to her mother, "fit a bonnie wee coyne," (can't spell in Doric!) the bonnie wee coyne took another scowl and said,
    " awa n shite missus." to which the unabashed lady replies, "and sic a guid speaker tae."