Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dissolute Honours List

Well, Gordon's final fling sticks two fingers up at democracy, at tax-payers and at those who work, often unrewarded, for the benefit of humanity.

In his Dissolution Honours List it would be hard to find a more dissolute bunch who demonstrate that, in the Labour party, failure is regarded as success and has it's own reward.

It beggars belief that such as John Reid, a failure in every cabinet post but with influential friends, will be placing his ample back-side, after carefully adjusting his ample wallet, on the red leather sofa-beds in the Lords.

Some years ago, I used to travel back on the London/Glasgow sleeper on Thursday nights and many MPs, who always took Friday off to get back to work tirelessly for their constituents, used the same train but in first-class sleepers as befits their exalted station in life.

One night, a colleague and I were sitting in the bar and a balding, alcohol-flushed MP was harassing the young stewardess, complete with sexual innuendo and invitations to share a cabin. Surprisingly, none of the other MPs who were present said anything and the lady eventually said to him "Are you not frightened of AIDs when you are extending that kind of invitations to complete strangers". His answer? - "Only poofs get AIDs and I should know - I'm a doctor". Another MP, who happened to look sober, nodded sagely in agreement.

An inebriated couple at the next table, who bore a startling resemblance to George Robertson and Helen Liddell, looked, well, startled.

My colleague remarked "Thank Christ that imbecile will never be Heath Minister". Obviously, his attempts at clairvoyancy died at birth.

Strangely enough the recipients of this honour had much in common.

They voted: for the Iraq invasion; for allowing ministers to intervene in inquests; for compulsory ID cards; for Labour anti-terrorist laws; against investigation into the Iraq invasion; against laws for climate change; etc. etc. without a dissenting voice among them.

Curiously, the astute and principled Des Browne voted for a wholly elected House of Lords so presumably he will not be taking up his seat there. Most of the others, after consulting their crystal ball, or Gordon Brown, decided to ensure their lucrative seats by voting against such attempts at democracy.


  1. Jobs for the boys and what a disgrace to democracy having this disgusting lot sitting in the lords.

    If I was on the train with you brownlie then I would had smashed the MP's face right in. I would love nothing more than to pop a Labour MP on the face. I don't like any Labour MP and it disgusts me that Reid is the chairman Celtic.

    ID cards, Iraq invasion, voted against laws on climate change yet they have been rewarded with a job for life. Yet Scots will still vote for the Muppet's that call themselves socialists.

  2. Ignorant, self important, drunken scum.

    They will fit nicely into the House of Lords.

    I note however that the Conservative's and Liberal's policy to reduce the size of government and to reform the lords starts off with a plan to increase the size of the Lords by around 200 people, who will all be appointed.

    We can only hope that the rest of the rubbish they elevate to the aristocracy (not just for life, but for their children too, with the title The Hon.) will be of a higher quality than this bunch of sickening low life.

    I wonder how long it will be before the Scots realise that a vote for this lot is a vote for THEM and not for Scotland.

  3. Allan,

    It's definitely a temptation but would achieve nothing - pretty much the same as Labour.

  4. tris,

    The whole place should be closed and save the country a fortune. Burns had some fore-sight - did he not? I imagine he had Foulkes in mind.