Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Corrupt Government

It seems now that Tony Blair has set off on to the Lucrative Lectures circuit, dropping off occasionally to ensure peace in the Middle East - a part-time job if ever there was one - a not very flattering picture of him is being revealed by the Iraq War inquiry.

Whilst this might be a tad uncomfortable for Blair, it is certainly more than a tad uncomfortable for the Iraqis who are still tasting the bitter fruits from the diseased orchards of his machinations. As well as those killed in the initial invasion men, women and children are being targetted on an almost daily basis and the country is infinitely more dangerous than it was even under Saddam's brutal regime.

Brown, the accessory to Blair's deceit over the Iraq Invasion, made a telling speech on 6th November in an attempt to justify the Afghanistan campaign.

He said that he will not put UK troops "in harms way for a government that does not stand up against corruption" but went on to say that the Afghan government is a "byword for corruption". The Afghan government, being corrupt itself, is hardly likely to "stand up against corruption" and yet the UK troops are still being put in "harms way"on a daily basis. He made no mention of the fact that the military are being put in "harms way" by being issued with inadequate protective equipment by the "desk-bound warriors".

Mr Brown went on "we will not be deterred, dissuaded or diverted from taking whatever measures are necessary to protect our security". but is the Afghan campaign really about "protecting our security"? when by Brown's own admission the government is "corrupt". Surely a corrupt government, if the price is right, will grant terrorists the requisite facilities and equipment in areas where there are no armed forces.

It is questionable if Afghanistan is the only place "where terrorists can threaten the UK". For example, although it does not always make head-lines in the UK, terrorism is alive, thriving and increasing in Iraq and they certainly have even more reason than those in Afghanistan to hate, and wish harm to, the UK.

Even if terrorists training in Afghanistan were a threat to the UK it would be comparatively easy to switch their "training camps" to other countries, out of reach of the UK military machine, where they would be welcomed with open arms - no pun intended.

Just as Iraq is getting more and more dangerous so too is Afghanistan and casualties are increasing year on year. Fatalities this years have reached 100, almost double the 51 fatalities of 2008. So too have the numbers of those seriously injured - increasing from 65 in 2008 to 153 so far in 2009.

It must follow that as more and more civilians are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan that the resentment against the UK grows and grows and with lax and haphazard border control the UK is becoming more and more susceptible to terrorist attacks. The attempts to "protect our security", therefore, would appear to be counter-productive and could well be responsible for more threats to our security than ever before.


  1. I agree with every word brownlie.

    I have no idea what the real reason for being in Afghanistan is. I suspect that originally Mr Cheney wanted to control the country so that he could get his oil from Turkmenistan in the North down to the Indian Ocean by pipeline. A deal to do this was struck within days of President Karzia’s installation.

    Naturally we would have been instructed to assist.

    I suppose that they had to make up something that would pacify us, convince the sceptics that it was a good idea to go to war with a country that had never been defeated, not even by the might of the Soviet Union.

    So they came up with the story that we must flush the terrorists out of the country. The fact is that the terrorists hot footed it to Pakistan’s tribal lands, and Iraq, after we left it wide open to terrorists. If they want to they can doubtless go to Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen... There are any number of places they would be welcome.

    To make our street safer? Yeah right. Idiots. It was to comply with orders from the White House.

  2. Conan,

    What amazes me is that their does not seem to be any forward planning - for instance, how and when will they decide their objective has been achieved, are they going to leave a corrupt government to run the country etc etc?

  3. Tris,

    Yes, Afghanistan is unfortunate to be between Turkmenistan and the sea but Afghanistan is so large that any oil pipe would be extremely vulnerable to the warlords who will surely emerge when the "campaign" is deemed to be over and how much more blood will be shed before that time?

  4. Super post brownlie.

    I've just heard your Cathy is going to stand for Westminster in the Kilmarnock seat. Well, well.

  5. "I suspect that originally Mr Cheney wanted to control the country so that he could get his oil from Turkmenistan in the North down to the Indian Ocean by pipeline. A deal to do this was struck within days of President Karzia’s installation."

    No, it wasn't.

    Here we go again, back to conspiracy land.

    Afghanistan has NO oil and serves NO purpose as a pipeline route.

    There is already a pipeline up and running from Central Asia WEST to Turkey and the Mediterranean.

    Please go and look up "Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan" Pipeline and cease your paranoid dribbling.

  6. sm753

    According to Michael Moore, whose research abilities nearly equate to your own, you are wrong.

    Who claimed that there was oil in Afghanistan?

    Perhaps you can enlighten us as to why British troops are fighting in Afghanistan?

  7. British troops are there because they were instructed to be there - part of the `special relationship`dontcha know.

  8. scunnert

    Nail on the head, mate!

  9. Our Government has defied us is more ways than our Founding Fathers listed in the Constitution. How much more will we take before making a move to correct the corruption? I see and hear much talk about the many entities of corruption of our Government but I see no one taking action. I am sending out an SOS via the web to anyone that will listen, "I am willing to make a move, are you? (markpeyton@corruptslaveowners.org)

  10. American Common Interest
    It is with much regret that I deliver this message to you today. However, the common interest of America is at risk.
    We have a Strong Body of individualism being applied against the American people. This Body is of great power and vast with hundreds of thousands members across the Globe. We have become defenseless in the wake of their strength. Therefore, we are forced to watch while our Brothers and Sisters are murdered and some stripped of their jobs and left destine for poverty and prejudice. Some have experienced this injustice and have a personal desire to bring forth justice while others who are distant, remain neutral in their thoughts and actions. It is not that we consciously chose a neutral position; it is a simple matter of programming. We the majority have become accustomed to our present state of awareness and unknowingly surrendered to individualism, in short, we have programmed our minds to accept the evil malicious acts that surround us. It is the majority acceptance that gives strength to this Strong Body of individualism. Therefore, a complete absence of majority acceptance is certain to diminish their strength. We must break away from our present state of mind and begin a new training. We must see through the distractions that are designed to blind us; prejudices, poverty and Wars, all designed to divide us resulting in chaos and disorder. Our direction is controlled by the media and they control the media. Our leaders spend 50 billion dollars a year on the war against drugs, and 60 billion on the War against terror. They announced on September 10th that they were unable to account for 2.3 trillion dollars and in addition we have a rapidly growing U.S.National debt that is presently 12,309,416,0 dollars and rising every second. We must question everything. Question your thoughts, do not accept them. Question the events that surround you, do not ignore them. Search for the truth, do not accept untruth. Refrain from acting out anger hence, maintaining order. We must follow our hearts and embrace our soul’s to unveil the identities of this Strong Body of individualism.
    It would be premature for me to share the names I have researched and expect you to accept it as truth. You research, you decide.
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  11. Your Choice
    "O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands." (Sun Tzu)

    "Warfare is the art of deceit. Therefore, when able, seem to be unable; when ready, seem unready; when near-by, seem far away; and when far-away, seem near. If the enemy seeks some advantage, entice him with it...Attack where he is not prepared: go by way of places where it would never occur to him you would go."

    "If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, seperate them."

    "The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers."

    "So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak."

    "Water shapes it's course according to the nature of the ground over which it flow's. Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions."

    "Be subtle! Be subtle! and use your spies for every kind of business."
    War Laws from Sun Tzu. These are the same tactics our Government uses on we the people.

  12. Our Government,

    Why do We the People of the United States of America do nothing while we are slowly destroyed from within? The answer is embedded within each of us, the answer is Moral Values. To do the right thing is the American way, it’s what we do, it‘s what we were taught by our Parent‘s, Teachers and Fore Father‘s. For us to correct what is wrong would mean to open our eyes to the values instilled in us. One has to wonder what it takes to elude what one knows to be morally correct. What if you were President of The United States of America and you were briefed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on a possible threat of Oil shortages due to troubling relationships with Irac. What would you do? Would you stage a Terrorist attack and kill thousands of innocent Americans? Would you justify your actions as Collateral Damage? After all who wouldn’t sacrifice 3000 lives and counting, for the good of the whole Country. Right? Is it possible for one of us to be persuaded to carry out such immoral acts? The answer to this question is obvious.
    What do we do? Why do we fear our Government? Why does the Author of this letter choose to remain anonymous? Since that horrible day there has been countless attempts from American people petitioning our Government to allow a independent investigation to determine the cause of so many oddities. Why not allow a in depth study of each unexplained detail? The Commission admits to unexplained events and instead of digging deeper looking for answers the unexplained events are dropped. The truth stands beside honorable men while a lie hides behind evil cowards. The amount of credible evidence that has surfaced and is left just sitting there ignored by our Justice system is astounding. A homicide detective is very precise and thorough and he leaves no rock unturned in his effort to put the murderer behind bars. Why then has this so called investigation left so many rocks unturned, untouched and unseen? We have had Government appointed officials fired for speaking out and other citizens efforts quickly subdued with anonymous death threats. How can this be explained, what does this tell us? It couldn’t be more obvious that the truth is being concealed and our efforts seeking the truth are kept at bay with fear tactics. Our Government is correct in that the American people will accept whatever they say to be the truth. They know that for us to believe the opposite would destroy our comfort zones. Which brings us back full circle to Moral Values. It is sad to say but, if we continue to up hold the same Moral Values that has allowed our Government to murder at will, then we too are stained with the blood of the innocent.

    Some will read this in mockery and say, “This guy is a loony. He’s been watching to much TV.” This denial felt by many is justification for their Moral Values and keep’s them within their comfort zone. However, lying in the deepest chamber of their heart is the terrifying truth that will someday surface.


    Anonymous Author

  13. A recent census May 30, 2009 estimates 304,059,724 million persons in the United States and of that 14.6 million are Government employees. Which leads me to my poit. We are the majority with 290,059,124 million strong minus the elite powers that share the same benifits as our Government. We can prevail we are the people. This is our country, we are the ones that hold it together, our blood, sweat and tears stain the ground. They sit pearched high above us monuvering the strings attached to our bodies. It is time to cut those strings and as the majority take control of our country. Many people have worked hard at dead end jobs barely making ends meet. Then if they reach the retirement age of 65 or 67 they get to draw a mere 12,000 per year. So after paying taxes of roughly 15 to 35% for 40 to 50 years the retiree gets raw peanuts for the few years left of his life. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think of all those corrupt under the table filthy rich politicions that WE pay 1,2 and 3oo,000 a year. So we pay them a rediculous salary with 80% retirement benifits to build omplicated systems designed to steel our money. They take and take stripping us of our dignity and pushing many into poverty which is their plan. They want all of society to be dependent on them and their system. Those that are now living on social security for reasons other than retirement are dependent on their system. The poor have no where to turn and with all the special programs (Government insurance) corporation bailouts that we will have to pay for they are slowly moving the middle and upper class to a state of depending on them. With all of society depending on the Government they then will have complete control. This is their New World Order plan and it seems to be working rather well. We have to stand together and seperate ourselves from them, the alternative is to be their servant in their new world. We have to stop talking about it and make a move. I am willing to take the risk, will you stand with me?