Monday, 25 May 2009

Blogger's Log

As instructed by subrosa, a list of my favourite bloggers, in order of seniority:

For reminding me that there are tears of laughter as well as tears of sorrow.

For being the nation's conscience, as well as mine.

For brilliant blogging and stories of steamy sessions in the sitooterie.

Advanced media watch
For encouraging my blogging, making me laugh and being a mate and a Hibee.

For hilarious blogging and converting me to nationalism.

Bird of Prey
For revealing Spooky's guilty secrets and for some memorable stomping raps.

For bringing sense and sensibility to this motley crew, or in Conan's case, cru.

David Maddox, the Steamie
For belatedly realising that I'm not an anonymous cybernat.

Thank you all for being, unwittingly and in different ways, my bridge over troubled waters.


  1. Hey thanks brownlie, i really appreciate your comment and yes, keep blogging..

    For hilarious blogging and converting me to nationalism.

    lmao well i have to say his blogging is hilarious right enough.

  2. Oh thank you Browlie, but you're supposed to 'nominate' another 8 who qualify for the core message which you didn't write.

    Oh gawd, what is it with the more mature Scotsman that they don't understand?

    Don't get me started...

  3. subrosa,

    As everybody and his granny reads your blog I could not see the point in re-iterating your honeyed words but I did try and get the friendship "mantra" across. Good word "mantra" - I think I'll use it again.

    Anyway, in that spirit I'll nominate Tris, Old bag, Crazy Daisy, Aye we can, naldo, Scottish Unionist, Nationalist Mythbuster, Key bored.

    "Mature" is not a word you'd use to describe me after a few tinctures.

  4. I think you, and all of the above, are a Grand Cru too Brownlie.

    Apart from Maddox, he's Buckfast.

  5. Why does everybody hate me and say horrible things
    about me...

  6. Stop feeling sorry for yourself Niko, if you choose to defend the indefensible, take the consequences like a man.
    Vaseline is good I hear.

  7. I like all these bloggers - even Niko!

  8. Niko,

    Labour's corruption has left you paranoid. You're on the list, enuff said. Now leave it at that, you miserable old booger.

  9. Perhaps 'vintage' is a more suitable word Brownlie?

    Niko honestly, do we have to spell it out in big letters for you? Must be a bad day for you Niko - take a tip from Conan and up your medication.

  10. every day is a bad day lately its getting so i am scared to get out of bed and never answer the front door anymore..

  11. Niko,

    If it's a Labour candidate at the door they send the chaffeur to knock first. Cheer up, mate, forget any thought of being deported. There will be a place for you in the independent republic.

  12. subrosa,

    If vintage is 25 years old I'll settle for that!.