Sunday, 31 May 2009

Love Labour's Leaflet - Part Two

In my previous entry regarding the Labour Leaflet that popped through my letter box I made reference to the statement made by a "Bishopbriggs family" who stated that:

"Gordon Brown's has demonstrated real leadership in seeing us through these tough times. Labour is the only party on the side of hard-working families, standing up for Scottish people nationally and in Europe".

In a startling coincidence families as far apart as Port Seton, Wester Ross, Sauchie and Manchester are portrayed on Labour's election leaflets as having all made statements which are exactly the same. Their statements, from different parts of Scotland and the UK, reads

"It's Gordon Brown's leadership that will get us through these tough times. Labour is the only party on the side of hard-working families, standing up for Scottish people nationally and in Europe".

Two questions:

Why has the wording suddenly changed from having seen "us" through these "tough times" to "will get us through" these "tough times"?

Is it more than a coincidence that those who vote Labour use exactly the same wording to voice their thoughts about the party except the family from Manchester who substituted Britain for Scotland?

A political journalist, with considerable foresight and a degree of cynicism, told me in 1998 that the Labour party voters consisted of two factions.

One faction, the poor and needy, THOUGHT that Labour was their party i.e. a party of the people dedicated to address their needs.

The other faction, the rich and greedy, KNEW that Labour was their party i.e. a party for the rich, willing and able to address their greed.


  1. I read somewhere that one of the women quoted had stood as a councillor. Can't remember where though and when I can browse for longer, I'll try to find it.

  2. subrosa,

    No surprises there then!

  3. Great stuff brownlie...

    Labour are going down the same route as the Libs with all this factious tripe. Same mantra on every leaflet from Wick to Wigan..

    Just think of the stuff they will come out with when it comes to the Glasgow North East by election.

    Vote Labour, Springburn family saw Flash Gordon come to the aid of Granny handbag snatch, asked who put him up to this the thief said "I did it for the SNP"..

  4. AMW

    Actually, Springburn is just down the road from me and my golfing buddy has a flat there so I'll be visiting a few times prior to the great day.

    I was sitting in the front garden the other day and three guys and a lady with clip-boards were going from door to door. They did not come to my door but they went to my neighbours house. I asked her later who they were and she said they were canvassing for Labour and had actually asked her if she knew whether I'd been interested.

    I suspect that she told them "no" because they walked past avoiding my eye. I think it was probably Niko, Grahamski, AM2 and Kimba all in the huff with me - for some reason.

  5. My dogs ripped mine to pieces; Love Labour's Leaflet's Lost LOL.
    I had to give them a row, but my heart wasn't in it:¬)

  6. Thats the stuff brownlie. Get the word out you dont vote Labour Agrr you should have chucked a dog poo at them ..

  7. Hoi brownlie, get some blogging done, this is not good enough

  8. Oooh, I like Advanced Media Watch's comments... S/He's a firecracker.

    This is just typical political rubbish - those flyers are the political equivalent of spam. Most political parties have less integrity than double glazing salesman these days!

  9. I don't actually find it that hard to believe that all over the country there are people saying exactly the same things about Gordon Brown and Labour.

    What I do find remarkable though is that they would be saying anything even vaguely nice.