Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It had been raining and cold for weeks in the little town. Everyone was miserable, with very little money, constantly in debt and living on credit.

A rich tourist arrives at the local hotel and asks the hotel-owner if he could inspect his bed-rooms to see if they were suitable to bring his family along at a later date.

As a sign of good faith he placed 1000 dollars on the reception desk whereupon the hotel owner hands over his master keys for all the bedrooms.

As soon as the tourist went upstairs the hotel-keeper picked up the 1000 dollars and ran to the local farmer and handed him the $1000 to repay him for keeping his hotel going by giving food supplies on credit.

The farmer immediately took the $1000 to pay his debts to his supplier at the Farmer's Co-operative.

The Farmer's Co-operative manager took the $1000 to his local publican who had given him drink on credit over the dreary winter months.

The publican handed over the $1000 to a local prostitute who was propping up the bar and had provided her "services" on credit during the recent hard-times.

The prostitute then took the $1000 to the hotel-owner who had let her use his rooms on credit to carry out her business deals.

The hotel-keeper put the $1000 back on the reception desk and the tourist came back, picked up his deposit and left.

No-one produced anything. No-one earned anything. However, the town was out of debt and looking forward to the future with a great deal more optimism.

Aren't bail-outs wonderful?


  1. So, is this what you do when you go your wee trips?

  2. I see no one came any where near me with that $1000, and Lord knows I've never produced anything in my life!

    I'm feeling kinda hurt.

    PS: Your tales are second only to Ms Pangloss's.

  3. Conan,

    Can you guess which part I played in the scenario?

  4. Tris,

    A poor fourth behind you, Conan and Sophia, which is quite a nice thought.

    If some handsome teuchter comes to see you with $1000 it's a sign you've got to go out for the evening!!

  5. Brownlie

    $1000 is about £50 Scottish i believe or thereabouts..

    Mrs M took someones cheque for????£ and put into my account and she then gave them the cash
    we are helping them to (a) fiddle the state and jolly why not(b) to avoid any legal sanctions and jolly why not

    you see there are many ways to skin a cat and Camerons lot can just Feck off

  6. Niko,

    After independence that should be the rate of exchange. I had a job skinning cats but discovered it wisnae fur me.

    Must say that Cameron's mob, Clegg's mob and Milliband's mob can all feck off as far as I'm concerned. Birds of a feather should all be shot during the shooting season.

  7. Brownlie

    you obviously mean David and not our edd(related to our Iain otherwise known as Fudd I of Scotland)

  8. Seriously, Niko, do you get a tad embarassed when Gray is performing? - he's like a wee boy in a kid's theatre and as wooden as a Dutch clog. He's so inept as a leader that sometimes, not often, I feel sorry for him but then I think he applied for the job so hell mend him.