Thursday, 27 August 2009

Shades of Gray

According to Eddie Barnes, the Political Editor of the Scotland on Sunday, Labour canvassers on the streets in Glasgow North East are "gleeful" - not to the extent of "high-fiving" but still gleeful. Why are they gleeful? Well, it seems that they have a theory that whilst Kenny MacAskill's decision to release Megrahi "will go down well in Glasgow's West End and Edinburgh's Morningside it won't get such a tolerant response in Shettleston and Wester Hailes". Sounds a tad like Mrs Thatcher's "Rejoice, Rejoice!".

With that in mind the bold Eddie pictures the scene at the door of a typical house in Glasgow N.E., when the SNP candidate introduces himself. ( Note the attempt at a Glasgow accent.)

The response - "Whit? SNP? You tell that ****in Kenny MacAskill and that ****in Alex Salmond I'd vote fae ma dug before I'd vote fae you ***tards. Letting out criminals! Have you lost your mind?".

If this article has any credence:

Labour canvassers, presumably under guidance and advice from party leaders, have a very low opinion of those they are canvassing in Glasgow North East if they are under the impression that compassion is the province of the better-off and those who are less well-off are lacking in compassion.

Co-incidentally, the Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray states that if he were First Minister, Megrahi would not have been released.

The canvassers will be able to say to the voters of Glasgow North East "Vote for us, Iain Gray lacks compassion in the same way you do".

Iain Gray lives in a less well-off area?

Most of the rest of the Labour MSP must live in a less well-off area?

The SNP will gain seats in the West End and Morningside?

Unfortunately for the SNP, after years of Labour Governments, there are infinitely more less well-off areas than there are better-off areas.

Eddie Barnes think that being foul-mouthed and abusive is typical of house-holders in Glasgow North East?

For all these reasons, the bye-election results in Glasgow North East is a foregone conclusion.


  1. Surely Labour canvassers would be "High sixing?"

  2. Conan,

    I've just heard a poll on the BBC stating that 60% of Scots wanted Megrahi to die in prison - I wonder which area they held it in? Needless to say they had the ubiquitous Iain Gray making hay of the poll. However, this contradicts every poll that was held by regional papers and I suspect as the story unfolds this percentage could be reversed.

  3. brownlie...

    Welcome back to blogging. I think this is dreadful. Labour are going to use the Lockerbie bombing as part of a campaign to hold onto the seat to save Gordon Brown who supports the SNP. That is why the dummy PM is not saying a word.

    It is simply for these reasons and other smear, lies and deceit that i will always want to see the removal of Labour.

    The party is horrible to the core and this article points this fact out.

  4. They really are a shower of second raters, making political capital out of a cancer sufferer.

    How low do they go?

    No don't answer that, we all know that it is very very low.

  5. AMW

    It is to be hoped that some-one will quiz Iain Gray about his attitude to Blair, Brown and Mandelson getting cosy with Gaddafi.

    If Megrahi is guilty then, sure as hell, Gaddafi is even more guilty and yet no-one batted an eye-lid, apart from Mandy who probably batted both, when they were pictured laughing and joking with this individual.

    Even if Gaddafi was not responsible in this instance he still has the bloody of many unfortunates on his hands.

    I wonder why no journalist asked the families of the victims what they thought of the meetings and deals with Gaddafi.

  6. tris,

    I hope some-one makes copies of this article by Eddie Barnes and leaflets it in Glasgow North East.

  7. "Whit? SNP? You tell that ****in Kenny MacAskill and that ****in Alex Salmond I'd vote fae ma dug before I'd vote fae you ***tards. Letting out criminals! Have you lost your mind?".

    He disnae ken his erse fae ees oxters.

  8. What a superb point you make Brownlie, in your respnse to AMW.

    The theory is that Megrahi was a member of Lybia's secret service, and that he carried out the bombing in that role. I imagine that NOTHING happened in that secret service without a clearance from the dictator.

    That being so, Gaddafi is as guilty of the bombing of the plane as is Megrahi.

    So your question is apt. How does Grey feel about the hugs and kisses with mr Blair or mr Brown, or mr Mandleson not to mention Andrew York-Windsor?

  9. tris,

    In view of the events revealed over the week-end it looks as if Gray has been placed in a very embarassing position in light of his initial response to MacAskill's decision. He will no doubt be asked if he still maintains the obviously opposite view taken by Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Straw.

  10. scunnert,

    I can never understand why you Scots cannot speak proper English like wot I do.

    Chan 'eil Iain Gray glic.

  11. I thought I'd wait a wee while to let the dust settle before I commented on this and low and behold - the polls are now showing 50/50 as near as damit.

    As time goes on more and more folk will come to believe it WAS the right thing to do.

    Eh ken yis kin spik the Gaelic but eh cannae. Cud eh hiv a translation?

  12. subrosa,

    Don't ask me, as usual I haven't got a clue - neither has Iain Gray!

  13. subrosa,

    Meant to say, nice of you to drop in for a wee visit. You'll have had your tea??